Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Icelandic lambs 2009

Here at Moonstruck Farm, we raise Jacob sheep and Icelandic sheep. This year we have 6 Jacob ewe lambs and 3 rams. Our Icelandics gave us 6 rams and 2 ewes. Most of our lambs will be for sale but we may keep a few to replace some older ewes.

Our youngest and last to be born (April 21, 2009) is an Icelandic ram lamb from our yearling Andromeda (CBI EWE M2SH 12U). I think he is moorit spotted with both mouflon and gray patterns. He is marked somewhat like a Siamese cat. It will be interesting to see how he develops.
Some other interestingly colored lambs are Sock's (PAV B45H 346P) twin ewe lambs. They are both frosted mouflons. One has a tiny spot on top of her head. They were born April 17 and were almost 9 pounds each at birth. We will probably keep one of them. Socks is a bossy ewe, but she is an excellent mother.

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