Friday, May 29, 2009

Here are pictures of some ram lambs. The one that's not 100% in focus is the one we plan to use this fall. He is from Ellen Anderson in Pennsylvania. She has one of my Icelandic ram lambs now. He has exceptionally soft wool. I thought mine were soft until I felt this guy. His mother is 4 horned so I hope to get a variety of lambs from him next spring. He has a pinkish look because it is dusk when the picture was taken and he also came from a farm with red clay.
The other picture, taken last fall, is of Moonstruck Pluto. He is the father of all my 2009 Jacob lambs. He came from a flock of sheep owned by Rafael Rodriguez, but I registered him. Rafael buys registered sheep, but does not register. He has some of my ewes, but Pluto is not related to my sheep, at least within 3 or 4 generations. I really liked Pluto because of his majestic carriage and size. He has really strong horns and nice markings. His wool is good and he behaved well. and only missed breeding one ewe once he was put out with them. I sold him after using him to Vikki Ely, near Mount Vernon, OH. I was happy with his lambs overall. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he carries lilac as well.
In the picture you can see that he's almost as tall as an adult ewe - Moonstruck Flopsy.

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